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    Fantastic Mister Zguy - Sticky Shrimp artwork

    Sticky Shrimp - Album 2019

    Track list :

    1. We cannot be cool if we're dead
    2. Sad Tears
    3. Tears in my veins
    4. The world is a cruel place when you're alone
    5. Without you
    6. Dream Baby Dreamer
    7. Burger Soul
    8. Play the blues inside my shoes
    9. That's what they hear in the USA
    Fantastic Mister Zguy - King Shrimp Artwork

    King Shrimp - Album 2019

    Track List

    1. Someone to lean on
    2. Victim of the city
    3. C'est pourtant simple
    4. The song of the dude
    5. New York City
    6. That's My Life
    7. Someday
    8. Some might say that love never last forever
    9. Victim of the city - rerecorder version
    10. Walk in the city
    11. End of town
    Fantastic Mister Zguy - Punk Love artwork

    Punk Love - EP 2019

    I made this EP with my friend Gaetan Nonchalant

    1. Till You're Mine
    2. If you want to stay
    3. Punk Love
    4. Dig a little more
    5. One of these days
    Fantastic Mister Zguy - Oh Me Oh My Artwork

    Oh Me Oh My - EP 2018

    Track List

    1. Zguy and the doctor
    2. Tropical Truit
    3. On the silk road
    4. Fantastic doesn't have an electric guitare
    Fantastic Mister Zguy - Shrimp Fishery Artwork

    Shrimp Fishery - EP 2017

    Track List

    1. I won't take you for someonelse
    2. Shrimp Fishery
    3. Zguy and the doctor - acoustic
    4. It's always the same
    5. Z, that's my letter
    6. Girl, trust me